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SweetStuff by laceylove81

Welcome to my shop! It all started with me as a bored child and my Nana who wanted to teach me everything she knew about arts and crafts. She spent countless hours giving me instructions on how to crochet and also helping me correct my mistakes. I lost interest after a few years and then picked it up again when friends and family started to have babies. I knew it was a great way to give someone a gift that was from the heart. I started up again by making a few blankets and giving them as gifts. Up until a few years ago I never ventured outside of the blanket spectrum and that's when a friend of a friend was having a baby and she asked me to make her a blanket with a sweater and hat to match. I went to a local craft supply store picked up a pattern book and never looked back! The name of my shop "SweetStuff" is actually my nickname that my Grampy has always called me and I just thought it would be appropriate as a business name for the "sweet stuff" I make. I absolutely LOVE making things for little ones and always enjoy seeing them wear my creations. Each item I make has a special touch whether it's specialty buttons or a pretty flower. I'm trying my best to find and develop more modern looking patterns and making things that are current and completely adorable. I will try and make whatever you ask. The idea of selling my items is a fairly strange for me, I'm used to giving them as gifts. I love suggestions and will take any creative feedback. Thanks so much!

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